Pets Are Family Rules


  1. Register your team for the game. Teams can be an individual or a group, but your team all must be based in the same location. Don’t forget, pets are members of your team too!
  2. Be on the lookout for an email with detailed instructions.
  3. Pick up your packet with your special game bandana* from the Placer SPCA. (If you are an out-of-towner you can opt to receive your packet in the mail.)
  4. Review game rules and discuss with your pet.
  5. Get ready for some fun!

(When game goes live Saturday November 6th @ 12 noon)

  1. Review list of missions. Some will “time out” and new ones will be added during the 24-hour challenge. (Example of a mission: Take a picture of you and your pet(s) snuggling.)
  2. Choose your missions on the app, snap a photo or video and submit (*be sure the bandana is in plain sight somewhere in the photo/video).
  3. You will earn points for every mission you complete. Watch the leader board to see how you stand vs other teams.
  4. Be a good sport – like other team submissions with the like button.
  5. Stay tuned: final winners will be announced on Monday, November 8th after submissions have been reviewed and all bonus points awarded.
  6. See you and your pet become a celebrity on Placer SPCA social media.
  7. Bask in the glow of knowing you have helped animals in need!