Memorials & Honorariums



A memorial gift to the Placer SPCA is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one – all while touching the lives of animals in need.

Give a Memorial Gift by clicking on the link below, or you can download a donation form.

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An honorarium gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, recognize an accomplishment, or express appreciation for a loved one.

Give an Honorarium Gift by clicking on the link below, or you can download a donation form.

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In memory of…

David Cunningham
Ann Cunningham

Doris Burger
Nancy & Dan Littrell

Genevieve Mullenix
Ann Cunningham

Jack Howard
Shelly and Tom Mekeel

Joanne Burress
Sandra Fuller

Joanne Burress
Vern & Linda Park

Joanne Burress
Burrell Consulting Group

Joanne Burress
Rose Castaldini Forbes

Joanne Burress
Linsey and Kevin Burd

Joanne Burress
Virginia Low

Joanne Burress
Linda Luckey

Joanne Burress
Stephen and Ginny Patterson

Mary Wilson
Tracy Meeker

Pat Anderson
Claudia and Bob Smith

Pat Quinn Anderson
Melinda Daugherty

Mary Wilson
Tracy Meeker

Sheri Anne Theis
Anne and Leo Roseman

Sheri Anne Theis
Connie & Harry Tate

Stella Allen-Warwick
Ralph Allen>/p>

Yvonne Bargert
Irene and Bruce LaVigne



In honor of…

Diane and Bill Kidwell

Matthew & MaryKathrine Wheatley
Jennifer Fisher

Matthew & MaryKathrine Wheatley
Joni Johnson

Sweeny & Cinnamon
Margo L. Taylor

Michelle Cleo Bruce
Kim Lim-Watson

My mom, Evelina, who loved every creature God created.
Terry Broadbent