Memorials & Honorariums



A memorial gift to the Placer SPCA is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one – all while touching the lives of animals in need.

Give a Memorial Gift by clicking on the link below, or you can download a donation form.

Give a Memorial Gift



An honorarium gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, recognize an accomplishment, or express appreciation for a loved one.

Give an Honorarium Gift by clicking on the link below, or you can download a donation form.

Give an Honorarium Gift



Gift of $100 or more are acknowledged below.
Thank you to our Memorial and Honorarium gifts during the months of April & May:

In memory of…

Beloved Bishop
Carolyne Barrows

Elissa Lumley

Tori, beloved Lhasa Apso
Marilyn E. Cain

Mimi Rudis, a gorgeous, classy poozen.
Stacy and Michael Cinnamon

Jeanette Wraa
Gary Wraar

Steven Epcar

John David Bergman
Shirley Kemmerer

Daisy Schilling
Kathy and Raymond Schilling

Sonia Munger
Robert and Dee Fricker

Jo O’Donnell, retired Colonel USAF
Don and Betty Manning

David Allen Cunningham
Ann Cunningham

Brandon Bridges
Karen and Tim Bridges

Bill Wright
Tropical Nut & Fruit Co


In honor of…

Carol Sofranac
Michael and Joyce Sofranac

Marlene Hackett & her pup Milo
Jessica Pearson

Staff at PSPCA – thank you for taking in Lucy and Ethel and trying to give them a second chance in life. This donation is a small token to contribute to their medical care.
Jana Adams

Graph Massara

Lynell Singer
Clear Capital

Furby and Jackie
Jade Pascual

Christina Kuo
Warren Lai