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Renter/Landlord Resources: Pet Friendly Housing

In addition to finding permanent loving homes for homeless companion animals, the Placer SPCA strives to promote responsible and successful pet ownership and provide essential resources to ensure the health of the animals in our community. This includes providing information for both renters and landlords about “pet friendly housing.”

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The Myths vs. the Facts About Pets in Rentals

Myth: If I allow one pet in a rental I have to allow pets in ALL of the rentals.

Fact: By using precautions and having a set procedure you can successfully weed out the irresponsible people without penalizing the responsible owners.

Myth: More than one animal per rental is too many.

Facts: Most animals are social animals and do best when living with a companion. Sometimes when an animal is alone, without companionship, they become bored which can lead to destructiveness.

Myth: It is preferable to rent to people with small dogs rather than big dogs.

Fact: Many larger dogs tend to be quite laid back. Older, larger dogs can be much less active and easier to housetrain.

Myth: Cats must be de-clawed to prevent destruction of the unit.

Fact: De-clawing a cat may lead to behavior problems. The procedure is painful and may lead to chronic pain and depression. Teaching a cat how to use a scratching post is the ideal solution rather than de-clawing.