SOS Program

SOS Program

The Placer SPCA offers programs designed to help Placer County residents keep their companion animals through difficult times. Through the SOS Program, the Placer SPCA offers financial assistance to Placer County residents.

Who Can Seek Assistance

The SOS Program applies to residents of Placer County only, who are truly in need but are, otherwise, responsible animal caregivers. They must be able to demonstrate a history of responsible pet ownership and be able to continue to provide a safe and humane home environment for the animal. The Placer SPCA will rely on veterinarians and their assessment to help identify clients with a history of responsible pet ownership.

Types of Assistance

  • Boarding/Rental Pet Deposits
    The SOS Program can help with a one-time pet deposit for a rental unit. The Placer SPCA will contact the property owner / manager to confirm the details of the pet deposit requirement. The Placer SPCA understands that unexcepted situations can arise and strives to keep owners with their beloved pets. The SOS Program can also help cover the cost of temporary boarding. Candidates for funding are expected to receive an estimate from a boarding facility. The Placer SPCA will contact the boarding facility to confirm the details of payment. Click here for an application.

  • Veterinary Treatment
    The SOS Program is designed to help animals in need of unexpected conditions which, if left untreated, would likely prove debilitating and result in a poor quality of life for the animal, in the opinion of a veterinarian. Candidates for funding are expected to receive a prognosis indicating a positive recovery after treatment. Treatment of a cosmetic nature or diseases of a chronic nature, requiring ongoing care or management, will not be funded. Animals with behavior and/or temperament problems may not be candidates for funding. It is required that animals receiving treatment are spayed or neutered, or will be altered at the time of treatment if deemed appropriate by the veterinarian. Click here for an application.

Financial assistance is available on a one-time basis only, not to exceed $500, only to residents of Placer County. For more information, please download the SOS Fund Program Criteria.

The SOS Program is made possible by generous support from the community, including a grant from the Citizen’s Benefit Fund awarded by the Roseville Grants Advisory Commission, a grant from the United Auburn Indian Community, and gifts from private donors.