Food Assistance

Food Assistance

The Placer SPCA is here to help the companion animals of Placer County and their owners in times of financial hardship. We are happy to provide pet food when available to those in need. No appointment is necessary; however, assistance is dependent on supplies available. You must be a Placer County resident. Food may be picked up every 30 days.

The Placer SPCA receives all pet food in this program solely through donations. We may not have the same brand or type of food for your pet at all times. At the time of signing up you must meet and prove all eligibility requirements. Our food assistance program is meant to be temporary assistance in your time of need. You will need to reapply annually and all eligibility requirements must be met.

The quantity of food given every 30 days is determined by the size of your animals, using the following guidelines, and is at our discretion.

Small / medium – 40 pounds of dry food
Large / plus – 80 pounds of dry food

30 pounds of dry food

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Placer County resident.
  • Animals must be spayed or neutered. Proof of animal name, species, weight and alteration (spay/neuter), is required. (Manager’s may waive this if doing so is life threatening.)
  • Photo ID.
  • Completed food assistance form.
  • We can assist up to 3 approved animals.
  • Animals adopted within the past 3 months are not eligible for this program.

To learn more about the Food Assistance Program, please call (916) 782-7722 or (530) 885-7387 and press “0” for our Customer Care Department, or email