Meet Lucy & Ethel


Lucy and Ethel were found roaming the streets of a neighboring community and arrived at their area shelter at the beginning of February 2021. Medical care was started for both Lucy and Ethel, but they didn’t have the resources to cover the magnitude of medical treatment for their extensive needs. The Placer SPCA was asked to help and we transferred these dogs into our care. We found that Lucy was suffering from a chronic dry eye condition. Her condition was so severe and painful that removal of both of her eyes was the best option for her. Lucy feels much better since her surgery and recovery has gone well.

Ethel arrived with extensive medical problems. She had heartworm disease and chronic ear infections. Ethel is also undergoing treatment for her heartworm disease. Unfortunately, Ethel’s ear infection was so severe it could not be controlled with medications alone, so she underwent surgery to remove her ear canal. She is already feeling much better. Her recovery time is expected to be several months. We continue to do testing to determine the appropriate course of antibiotics needed to treat any remaining infection and prevent future infections. These two sweet dogs are very dependent upon each other, with Ethel acting as Lucy’s “Seeing Eye Dog” and Lucy acting as Ethel’s hearing assistant”. Lucy and Ethel are currently available for adoption at the Placer SPCA. They are a bonded pair and need to stay together.

Learn more about Lucy and Ethel by watching the short video below or by visiting our adoptable dog’s page